Weekly update from AgManager.info

In case you missed last week’s AgManager.info update, here are some of the highlights!

National Co-op Month Radio Interview

BrianBriggemanOct. 7, 2015

Brian Briggeman and Leslie Kaufman look to the future of the cooperative business model in Kansas as part of national cooperative month.



Farm Profitability Radio Interview

Oct. 8, 201520150205_terry_griffin_0005

Terry Griffin and Gregg Ibendahl analyze the farm profitability numbers over time, with important observations for producers.


Connecting Livestock Producers with Recent Economic Research (CLPER)

Tonsor-colorOct. 7, 2015

Glynn Tonsor provides a newsletter with recent research articles useful for livestock industry decision makers: 1. Understanding Feeder Cattle Price Premiums; 2. Impact of Extreme Weather on Feedlot Profits; 3. Economics of Alternative FMD Outbreak Response Strategies.


Featured ContributorDan Portrait

Dan O’Brien’s interests in applied research and extension educational have been in the areas of grain markets and market structure, the profitability of alternative irrigated and dryland cropping systems and other relevant farm management topics. He is currently focusing on issues pertaining to the structure and competitiveness of local grain markets, grain transportation, bio-energy development, the economics of irrigated and dryland crop production systems, and other farm management issues of importance of Kansas farmers and agribusiness.


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