Weekly update from AgManager.info

In case you missed last week’s AgManager.info update, here are some of the highlights!

2014 Kansas ARC-CO Estimated Payments- Interactive Map and DataRobin Reid 2014

Sept. 2, 2015

Robin Reid and Art Barnaby provide estimates of 2014 ARC-CO payments for Kansas, in an interactive map format, with the ability to download the data if desired. These estimates are based current MYA prices, which are subject to change.


Art Barnaby

FSA Will Make Sequestered Cuts to Program Payments

Sept. 3, 2015

Art Barnaby has learned that program payment will be cut due to sequestration. All of the payments will suffer a sequestered cut of 7.3% for 2014/15 and 2015/16 payments.  The sequestered cut for 2016/17 is 6.8%.


Gregg Hadley

Dairy Margin Protection Program 2016 Election Decisions: Webinar Recording/Slides

Sept. 3, 2015

The recording of the September 3 webinar by Gregg Hadley and Marin Bozic on the Dairy MPP program is available here.


Featured Contributor

Greg Ibendahl joined the faculty in fall 2012 as an associate professor of agricultural economics with a major appointment in extension. Prior to joining the K-State faculty, he served as an associate extension professor at Mississippi State University. His specialty areas are farm management and agricultural finance.  Ibendahl earned his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in agricultural economics. He also has an MBA from Northern Illinois University. His undergraduate degree is from Southern Illinois University, where he majored in agricultural mechanization and earned a minor in computer science.


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