Risk and Profit Conference: Early registration deadline is today!

There are always jokes about Kansas weather, it is hot one minute and pouring rain the next. But this year, Kansas weather has been extreme. After a several-year drought, Kansas waded in flooded fields and overflowing ponds. K-State’s 2015 Risk and Profit Conference on Thursday, Aug. 20- Friday, Aug. 21 will address the drought and the abrupt change in weather.

The keynote speaker for this year’s conference is Elwynn Taylor, professor of agricultural meteorology from Iowa State University. Taylor’s address, “Extreme Weather for Crops; Too Dry, Too Wet, and Even Ideal,” will kickoff the event by sharing his knowledge with attendees.

Other important presenters include, Gary Brester, professor of agricultural economics at Montana State University, who will share his piece, “Wither the Catttle Cycle? Drought or Something Else?” Keith Coble, professor of agricultural economics at Mississippi State University, will present “Future Farm Policy and Drought”. Adrian Polansky, executive director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency in Kansas, and Ron Suppes, Kansas Wheat commissioner, will host a panel discussion. Finally, Glynn Tonsor and Dan O’Brien, K-State Research and Extension agricultural economists, will address outlooks for livestock and grain markets, respectively. All will present on Aug. 21 both prior to and after the luncheon.

The conference offers 18 small sessions with topics ranging from “Will Policymakers Reduce the Farm Safety Net?” to “What is Needed for a Successful LEMA?” to “Chipotle.”

The registration deadline is Aug. 14 for the reduced fee of $175; registration after the date is $200. The fee includes conference proceeding recordings, parking, and meals. The on day fee is $125 prior to Aug. 14 and rises to $150 after the deadline.

The event will be held in the K-State Alumni Center. To register go to AgManager.info or contact Rich Llewelyn at 785-532-1504 or rvl@ksu.edu

Watch this video to learn why you should attend the 2015 Risk and Profit Conference.


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