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In case you missed the latest AgManager.info update, here are some of the highlights!

Big Data In Agriculture Is Here To Stay (Video) 20150205_terry_griffin_0005

June 5, 2015

Terry Griffin comments on understanding and leveraging “Big Data”, calling it “the most elusive farm asset”.  Griffin is working on bringing big data techniques to the producers and gain efficiency in farming operations.


Dan Portrait

Grain Outlook Radio Program

 June 5, 2015

Dan O’Brien remarks on recent changes in the value of the dollar and the ensuing effect on grain price trends, and talks about his latest analysis of grain production costs and forward contract bids, as topics during his weekly grain market segment.


Robin Reid

2014 Kansas ARC-CO Estimated Payments – Interactive Map and Data  

June 4, 2015

Robin Reid and Terry Griffin provide estimates of 2014 ARC-CO payments for Kansas, in an interactive map format, with the ability to download the data if desired. These estimates are based on NASS yields and current MYA prices, which are subject to change.


Brian Briggeman


Brian C. Briggeman joined the Department of Agricultural Economics at Kansas State University in July 2011 as an Associate Professor and Director of the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center. His research interests include agricultural finance, agribusiness and cooperative management and macroeconomic implications for U.S. agriculture.


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