K-State Alumni Association honors two agricultural economics graduates

Youwei Yang

Youwei Yang

Students who demonstrate strong leadership were nominated by professors to be honored at the International Graduation Celebration on May 1 for outstanding international leadership, and on May 5 at the Multicultural Graduation Celebration for excellence in multicultural leadership.
Youwei Yang (pictured left), Baiyin City, China, earned the inaugural International Leadership Award. Yang was one of four students to receive this award at the International Graduate Celebration. During his time at K-State, Yang has been a student ambassador for K-State Libraries, as well as the Student Governing Association International Affairs Director. Winners of this award not only demonstrate strong leadership but also excellence in academic achievements.

Justine Floyd

Justine Floyd

Justine Floyd (pictured right), Wichita, received the Multicultural Leadership Award. Floyd was one of four graduates to receive this award for outstanding achievement and leadership during her time here at K-State. Floyd served as the Head Delegate for the Black Student Union, and as a member of the Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Science.
The Alumni Association honored a total of eight K-State graduates for excellence in leadership and achievement within multicultural and international organizations and communities during their time as a student.

Read more about the K-State Alumni Association Multicultural and International awards.

Original article by Tim Schrag, Kansas State University


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