Farm Bill Update: Clarification about Market Year Average prices released on March 30

In his recent update of Marketing Year Average (MYA) prices, Art Barnaby noted that the February prices would be released on March 30, which would only leave one day to make a change to the program selection. He was NOT encouraging farmers to wait to do that, but rather noting that there really wouldn’t be time to make changes with any new information that might be available then.

The paragraph that has caused some confusion has been modified. Note the bolded and italicized text:

“USDA will release one more monthly price on March 30, 2015 prior to the final Farm Bill program selection date.  Farmers would only have 1 day to call FSA to change their program selection.  As a result some farmers have been trying to delay their county FSA appointment times. However, because of the low weight for the February price, there be will little if any additional information provided by the March 30 price.  As a result, farmers should be making the program selection now.  There is no way everyone can sign up on the last day.  There are lot of unknowns that will have greater impact on the final results and include price for the next 5 years, the distribution of the county yield loss distributions, etc. KSU is offering a webinar on March 11, and will present a summary and a final look at the Farm Bill decision.  For more information or to register, the link is: The registration fee is $25 per line with no limit on the number of people viewing the webinar per line.”

To view the entire article in PDF:

Faster loading but less formatting HTML at:

For more information or if you have problems registering for the webinar, contact Rich Llewelyn at 785.532.1504 or


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