New College of Agriculture ambassadors include seven students from Department of Agricultural Economics

On the evening of February 24, 2015, 34 Kansas State University College of Agriculture students joined the ambassador team in February. Newly selected agricultural economics students are:

  • Nolan Allison, Eureka
  • Coleman Forst, Marysville
  • Abigail Horn, McCoy, Colorado
  • Anna Setter, Humboldt
  • Halli Wigger, Troy
  • Youwei Yang, China

The agribusiness students are:

  • Kristin Stiebe, Kinsley
  • Rachel Zimmerman, Ulysses

The ambassador team aids in recruitment of prospective students and will represent the College of Agriculture at various events throughout the year. More than 800 prospective students are anticipated to visit the college this year to tour campus, sit in classes and hear personal K-State stories from the ambassadors.

A prerequisite to the application process involves passing the 8-week College of Agriculture Training program aimed at teaching the students about the college’s departments and programs. The application process included a written application and a simulation of a situation students would potentially face as ambassadors followed by an interview.

View the full list of new ambassadors.


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