FARM BILL UPDATE: Base Reallocation and Payment Yield update deadline extended to March 31st

If you haven’t heard:  Base Reallocation and Payment Yield update deadline that was originally today is now extended to March 31st!   The deadline to make the program election remains as March 31st.

The link for the news release from USDA:

We also would like to highlight some new resources on AgManager, under Decision Tools:

First off, there is now a map to show announced 2014 Kansas NASS County Yields:

Taking that a step further, there is also a map to show Kansas projected ARC-CO payments for wheat, corn, sorghum, and soybeans:   Note that Jan. prices will be released at 3 pm today, so by Monday your estimate may change slightly to reflect the new price projections.

For complete information, we have have created a spreadsheet for all covered commodities in all U.S. counties that shows NASS yields, corresponding ARC-CO payments at different MYA price levels, AND  tradeoff spreadsheets for 2015.  Again, price estimates will be updated on Monday, but go ahead and take a look at this tool:

For more Farm Bill information, visit



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