New instructions available for the OSU-KSU Farm Bill Decision Tool aide

Need to compare the Price Loss Coverage, Agriculture Risk Coverage and Supplemental Coverage Option programs? The OSU-KSU Farm Bill Decision Tool allows for easy comparison based on individualized farm data. But how does it work?

What is needed?

  • Windows computer
  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or newer, with macros enabled in settings
  • The decision tool 

Quick instructions to use the tool
View excel tutorials: Microsoft,
Full decision tool manual here.

  1. Select state, county and crops from the pop-up menus.
  2. Enter lease percent share.
  3. Enter actual production history (if considering SCO), followed by base acres and FSA yield, reallocated base acres and updated FSA yield. The tool will calculate the reallocated base and updated numbers for you, so follow the prompts to double-click to run the update screen, select the number of tracts and enter yields and planted acres from 2008-2013. Return to Updates routes you back to the main update screen. This should fill in the reallocated base acres and updated FSA yield on the main worksheet screen, too.
  4. If considering the ARC-Individual or SCO, enter the estimated planted acres of each crop for 2014-2018.
  5. Double click to enter Marketing Year Average price forecasts for 2014-2018. The tool automatically uses FAPRI forecasts from the University of Missouri. Run a couple of scenarios with these estimates and some higher and lower for optimal results. This is the most critical piece in the tool because prices for the next five years determines the highest returns.
  6. Now, explore difference scenarios with ARC-County, PLC Information, ARC-Individual and SCO information. Additional information is needed for each program except PLC and you can then look at projected payment each year of the Farm Bill. Return to Start Page takes you back to the main screen.
  7. Finally, click View Results on the main screen to compare all your options.

Contact the Farm Bill team with questions:
Mykel Taylor, | Art Barnaby, | Robin Reid,

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