K-State’s 102nd Annual Cattlemen’s Day Planned March 6

Kansas State University’s 102nd Annual Cattlemen’s Day will be held Friday, March 6 in Weber Hall in Manhattan.

Weber Arena buzzed with conversation during the exhibit portion of the 2014 Cattlemen's Day event.

Weber Arena buzzed with conversation during the exhibit portion of the 2014 Cattlemen’s Day event.

The day will feature presentations, breakout sessions, a commercial trade show and educational exhibits, plus morning refreshments. Lunch will be sponsored by U.S. Premium Beef and commercial exhibitors. Doors will open at 8 a.m. for registration when the trade show and exhibits will be available. The program begins at 10 a.m. More information and advance registration is available at http://www.ksubeef.org.

Bob Langert, McDonald’s Corporation vice president for corporate social responsibility and sustainability will give the keynote address, “What is a Sustainable Beef Industry?” The presentation will focus on sustainability from the consumer perspective, how it influences reactions by the foodservice and retail sectors, and ultimately, how it may impact demand for beef and future beef production practices.

K-State agricultural economists Glynn Tonsor and Ted Schroeder will give their perspectives on the short- and long-term cattle industry outlook, plus key drivers that will influence future U.S. and global beef production and markets.

Other presentations by K-State specialists, Kansas Water Office and University of Florida-Marianna, include:

  • Zilmax – The Reintroduction;
  • Animal Welfare and the Consumer;
  • Sensory Attributes and Beef Flavor;
  • Synchronization Strategies for Breeding Females;
  • Crossbreeding Programs for the Beef Herd;
  • Drylot Production for Breeding Females;
  • Antibiotic Use in Beef Production;
  • Water Resources and Implications for Agricultural Practices;
  • Interface Between Endangered Species and the Beef Industry; and
  • Update on Pasture Burning Regulations.

Cattlemen’s Day will conclude with K-State’s 38th Annual Legacy Sale at 3:30 p.m. at the Stanley Stout Center. The sale features more than 70 Angus, Hereford and Simmental bulls, five show heifer prospects, more than 30 bred females and six registered Quarter horses. Sale details can be found online at http://asi.ksu.edu/bullsale.

Story by:
Mary Lou Peter, K-State Research and Extension

For more information:
Eve Clark – 785-532-1280 or evec@ksu.edu
Dr. Dale Blasi – 785-532-5427 or dblasi@ksu.edu


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