Michael Dicks to give agricultural economics seminar

Dr. Michael Dicks

Dr. Michael Dicks

Michael Dicks has an impressive track record that has provided him with helpful insights to share with the department of agricultural economics. He is presenting “Veterinary Economics: Current Situation and Future Outlook” on December 3, 2014, in the Marc. A. Johnson Conference Room located in Waters Hall 342. The lecture is scheduled for 3:00 p.m.

Dicks is the director of the Veterinary Economics Division for the American Veterinary Medical Association. He has been in the position since January 2013. Dicks previously worked for 24 years at Oklahoma State University’s Department of Agricultural Economics. He was the Wes and Lou Watkins Endowed Chair in International Trade and Development most recently while there. He also served as director for both the Great Plains Agricultural Policy Center and the Center for International Trade and Development at OSU.

Also during the last few decades, Dicks assisted farm and commodity groups, environmental groups, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Congress in developing farm policy, as well as numerous foreign governments, U.S. government agencies and non-government organizations in international agricultural and community development activities.

His interests have also taken him abroad to many countries and continents.

Dicks earned his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and animal science at California Polytechnic State University on the San Luis Obispo campus in 1975. In 1982, he received his master’s degree in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri, all while he was overseas in Tunisia working on a project converting waste to energy. Dicks was back at it again in 1985, when he earned a doctoral degree in agricultural economics with a specialty in natural resource policy and community development.

Dicks grew up in rural Orange County, California. He found his interest for agriculture through working in vegetable fields for Irvine Company and showing sheep and cattle for FFA and Ag Explorers.


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