Update number 3 from Melissa Lynes in Germany: Let the Meetings begin!

Let the Meetings begin!

I arrived in Lindau on Monday around lunch time and was able to meet a few other students from the U.S. delegate as soon as I arrived. We spent the day getting to know each other and exploring the beautiful island of Lindau.

Tuesday we checked into the conference and picked up our packet of materials. All of the students from the U.S. delegate had lunch with all of the sponsoring organizations (Mars, NSF, and ORAU). We then had a dinner with all the other young economist in attendance. It was amazing to be able to talk to students from around the world.

Today marked the first official day of the conference. We heard from five different Nobel Laureates this morning. The presentations were extremely interesting. During the opening ceremonies the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, gave the keynote address.

Tonight’s dinner was probably the most exciting of the week, I had dinner with Daniel McFadden. It was amazing to pick the brain of someone who I have read so much of their work. He was truly an amazing person.

If you want to hear more about my dinner with Daniel McFadden, Chancellor Merkel or the rest of the experience I will be presenting during a brown bag lunch sometime in September.

Stay tuned for more updates!
Melissa L


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