Update number 2 from Melissa Lynes: Live in Germany!

Greetings from Germany!

After a few days of exploring Munich and Fussen I am off to Lindau early tomorrow morning. As much fun as I am having being a tourist, I am looking forward to getting to Lindau tomorrow. I am excited to meet the other students in the US delegate and for the meetings to start.

Schloss Neuchwanstein

Schloss Neuchwanstein

Fussen City Center

Fussen City Center

The last two days I spent exploring Fussen and the areas around it. Yesterday I went and saw Schloss Hohenschwangau and Schloss Neuschwanstein. I only write out these long names in case you want to look them up. These are two castles located about three miles form Fussen (it was a great walk between the towns). The second castle is one that everyone should recognize, it is the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle. Though only a third of the inside was ever completed it was beautiful on the inside and out. I highly recommend the trip to visit it if you are ever out this way!

Today I spent the day visiting a monastery and humble castle in Fussen. Most of both of these were completed by 13th century. It blows my mind to think of buildings being around that long. I also went for a hike to a beautiful lake situated between a few mountains.

I lucked out this weekend being in Fussen. There were concerts in the city center last night and all day today. There were even a couple of bands that were playing American Country music!

Along the way yesterday and today I passed a few cow pastures that sounded a lot different then the ones back home. All of the cows were wearing cow bells!

That is all for now. When I write again I will be writing from Lindau!

Melissa L


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