Update from Melissa Lynes, headed to the Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences in Germany!

Guten Tag aus Deutschland! (Good day from Germany!)

I am wrapping up my second day of travel through Germany before heading to Lindau on Monday for the 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences. After spending the afternoon and evening taking in the sights and tastes of Munich on Thursday I hopped on a train to Fussen this morning which is where I will be until Monday.

The two areas of the country cannot be more different. Munich is located in the country side and is full tall buildings, lots of traffic and lots of people. The old buildings in some sections of the city were truly amazing. Every place you visit there are a few “must dos” and I was able to hit three of them while in Munich. The first is something I will probably never see anywhere else. In the clock tower of the Mariensaule (a building in the middle of Munich built in 1638), life size marionettes come to life to move along with a glockenspiel. I then ventured through their version of city park, except it is much bigger. Inside the park the supports of a bridge come together to create waves that are big enough for surfing. There was almost a dozen guys braving the 60 degree weather and taking there chances on the inland waves. Even though it was not Octoberfest I could not leave Munich without trying one of their beers at a traditional beer hall. The hall was huge full of large group style tables and was as loud as could be.

Melissa Lynes GermanyIt was a beautiful ride to Fussen this morning. We passed through quaint cities, corn fields, and trees as we wound our way south through the Bavarian country side almost reaching Austria. Fussen is a very small, old city situated just north of the Alps (and by just north, I mean a few feet from my hotel until you reach the Alps). There is a lot of pedestrian traffic around town, as it is the best way to get around the cobble streets. I spent most of the afternoon window shopping (mainly because today is a national holiday so a lot of stores were closed). Tonight I took a tour out to see a couple near by castles lit up in the dark. Tomorrow I will get to tour the inside of the castles.

Sorry for the lack of pictures thus far, I have not taken many on my phone but stay tuned for more updates and pictures from Germany.

Auf Wiedersehen (for now) – Melissa L

PS: for those of you who do not know why I am in Germany, I was selected as one of 29 students from the US and one of 450 students from around the world to attend the 5th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences. I am being sponsored by Mars, Inc (yes the candy company). The point of this meeting is to bring young economist from around the world to interact with each other as well as listen to, learn from, and interact with 18 Nobel Laurette winners in economics. I am the only person from the US who is from an agricultural department at the meetings. I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen and cannot wait to share my experience at the meetings.


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