O’Brien blog addresses global and domestic grain market situation

May 10, 2013 – By the very nature of his work as an extension agricultural economist, Kansas State University’s Dan O’Brien is used to reaching out to farmers, agri-businesses and others with the latest research-based information pertaining to grain market analysis. And he’s added another tool to help disseminate that information.

O’Brien, a crops marketing specialist with K-State Research and Extension, has launched the “Focused on Grains” blog, available at www.ksugrains.wordpress.com. It addresses everything from U.S. Department of Agriculture reports to supply and demand factors to Kansas Agricultural Statistics data – anything that’s affecting or may affect Kansas grain markets, O’Brien said. The blog includes his monthly market outlook and price forecasts, as well as weekly grain market updates.

Focused on Grains also includes links to related resources, including interviews aired on the Agriculture Today radio show, production projections from the recent Wheat Quality Council’s Kansas Wheat Tour, bioenergy issues and relevant information from other state extension services.

“It’s as if I have someone in my office and we’re having a discussion about the various factors affecting wheat prices, for instance. But this way I can communicate grain marketing information from KSU with a lot more people via the Internet,” said O’Brien, who noted that he continues to give presentations at extension field days and conferences around the state and nationally, and posts information on the extension agricultural economics website: www.agmanager.info.

Article by K-State Research and Extension News.


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