K-State NAMA team competes in national competition

2013 NAMA teamMay 3, 2013 – A team of students from Kansas State University finished in third place at this year’s national marketing competition hosted by the National Agri-Marketing Association. The competition was April 17-18 in Kansas City, Mo.

Team members majoring in agricultural economics or agribusiness include Kendal Clawson, Kellie Jackson, Taylor Peterson, Michelle Hill, Cassie Kniebel (minor), Brady Rundel, Annie Patterson, Preston Lagemann, Hannah Miller, Kelsey Harris, Kurtis Clawson (minor), and Kendall Voth. Other team members included Gordon Harton, Logan Britton and Marie Klimova. The team is coached by David Lehman, instructor in the department of marketing.

“Every team participating in the marketing competition does an excellent job of developing a thorough marketing plan, a process that takes most teams the majority of the academic year to complete,” said Kristen Marshall, the association’s careers committee chair. “Those teams that advanced to the finals truly did exceptional work on their projects. Each year I am amazed by the talent of these teams. They’re truly an awesome group that we hope will continue in agricultural marketing as they begin their professional careers.”

K-State’s team had 15 students involved with this year’s project to market, “Omega Beef,” omega-3 enriched beef. The product was developed as a solution for health-conscious consumers to have their intake of omega-3 fatty acids with a beef flavor and taste. The team spent the last several months conducting market research, writing the marketing plan and developing a presentation.

In the competition, students decide on a project and develop a plan to successfully bring the product or service to the marketplace. In developing their marketing plan, students follow the same practices and principles used by today’s marketing professionals. Teams submit a written plan summary prior to the competition and then make a formal presentation of their marketing plan to a panel of judges at the competition. The judges’ panel consists of marketing and agribusiness professionals.

Overall, 29 student chapters of the National Agri-Marketing Association participated in the marketing competition. The competition is part of the association’s annual conference and trade show. More than 350 student members attended the conference.

“The marketing competition is a great learning tool for these students and provides them with some really good practical experience,” Marshall said. “Our congratulations to K-State for their exceptional work and success at the competition this year.”

Article written by Logan Britton, NAMA team member.

Picture provided by AgWired.


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