Jason Bergtold earns Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Teaching Award

Jason BergtoldMarch 28, 2013 – The Department of Agricultural Economics is proud to announce that Jason Bergtold, associate professor, earned the Gamma Sigma Delta Outstanding Teaching Award.  Bergtold met the requirements of being an active teaching faculty member of Gamma Sigma Delta for at least two years and providing outstanding service in resident teaching. Gamma Sigma Delta is the Honor Society of Agriculture.

Bergtold teaches AGEC 120, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness; AGEC 501, Data Analysis and Optimization; AGEC 712, Optimization Techniques for Agricultural Economics; and methods on campus and through the Masters of Agribusiness program at the graduate level.

His research includes the economics of adopting intensive conservation production practices and systems at the farm level; the impact of bioenergy alternatives and feedstock production on the farm; the interaction between agricultural practices, conservation policy and the environment at the farm level; and the development of applied discrete choice econometric modeling techniques. In addition, he has completed research examining the estimation of large demand systems and the international trade of peanuts.

Bergtold earned his bachelor’s degree at Colorado State University, and his master’s and doctoral degrees at Virginia Tech in 1999, 2001 and 2004, respectively.  He has been with K-State’s Department of Agricultural Economics since 2007.

He will be honored at K-State’s Gamma Sigma Delta spring reception, Friday, April 26.


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