Faculty, graduate students participate in AAEA Annual Meeting

K-State Agricultural Economics faculty and graduate students recently participated in the 2011 Agricultural and Applied Economics Association annual meeting in Pittsburg, PA.

Participants from the department are as follows:

Agri-food Sustainability and its Relationship to Firm Strategy and Performance. “Does Sustainability Pay? Sustainability As a Source of Competitive Advantage for Public Agri-food Companies.” Vincent Amanor-Boadu

“Navigating the Job Search Process.” Elizabeth Yeager

Research and Diffusion of Tolerance Cultivars in Developing Countries: What Can We Learn from Projects to Develop Drought Tolerant Crops in Asia (Rice) and Sub-Saharan Africa (Maize)? “Evaluating the Potential for the Dissemination and Adoption of Water-efficient Maize Cultivars in Africa.” Timothy Dalton

Meeting Fuel Mandates with Red Hot Markets. “Short and Long Run Market Implications of the Renewable Fuel Standard.” Samuel M. Funk

Measuring WTP for Animal Welfare In Agricultural Production: The Role of Information and Preference Instruments. “Impact of Alternative Videos on Public Perceptions of Practices in the Dairy Industry” Glynn Tonsor. Ted Schoeder, discussant

Productivity. “How Market Power Changes in Monopoly Using Lau’s Hessian Identities.Koichi Yamaura and Allen Featherstone

Biofuel. “Farmers’ Willingness-to-Grow Sweet Sorghum as a Cellulosic Bioenergy Crop: A Stated Choice Approach.” Jason E. Fewell, Jason Bergtold and Jeffery Williams

“A Review of Financial Statements Generated Using the Agricultural Resource Management Survey.” Allen Featherstone, moderator and speaker, Brian Briggeman, speaker

Policy Options and Consequences for the 2012 Farm Bill. “Crop Revenue.” Art Barnaby

Getting the Most Out of Data: Sample Size, Imputation, and Recall Bias. “Sample Size and Robustness of Inferences from Logistic Regression in the Presence of Nonlinearity and Multicollinearity.” Jason Bergtold, Elizabeth Yeager and Allen Featherstone

Commodity Price Determinants and Relationships in Agribusiness Markets. “Impact of Changes in Energy Input Prices on Ethanol Importation and Prices.” Elizabeth Yeager and Allen Featherstone

“Livestock Outlook & Industry Issue Panel Discussion.” Glynn Tonsor, moderator

Topics in Demand Modeling. “Using Weak Separability and Generalized Composite Commodity Theorem in Modeling Ground Beef Demand.” Lee Schulz, Ted Schroeder and Tian Xia

Poster Session: Demand and Price Analysis. “Consumer Preferences for Attributes of Organic Processed Foods: The Case of Soymilk in the United States.” Yue Zheng, Hikaru Peterson, Xianghong Li and Bob Burton

Poster Session: International Trade. “World Markets of Vertically Differentiated Agricultural Commodities: A Case of Soybean Markets.” Koichi Yamaura and Tian Xia

Economic Consequences of Risk for Participants In Beef Cattle Markets. “Fed Cattle Basis Forecasting: Assessing Alternative Methods and Regional Variation. Glynn Tonsor and Jeremiah McElligott

Agricultural and Resource Economics: Student Perceptions and Choice of Major. “Demographics and Recruitment: Why Do Midwestern Students Major in Agriculture?” Alexi Thompson and Bob Burton

Food and Agricultural Marketing Policy Section (FAMPS) business meeting. Glynn Tonsor, president elect

Extension Section Crops Outlook. Dan O’Brien, organizer and moderator


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