Monthly Archives: July 2011

Faculty, graduate students present research in Canada

K-State Agricultural Economics faculty and graduate students recently participated in the 2011 Canadian Agricultural Economics Society and Western Agricultural Economics Association Joint Annual Meetings. Events took place in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

Participants from the department are as follows: 

Consumer Preferences for Animal Welfare: How Choice Experiment Design Affects Value of Pork Raised Using Gestation Crates. Veronica Pozo, Glynn T. Tonsor and Ted C. Schroeder, Kansas State University

Consumer Perceptions of Effectiveness in Improving Animal Well-Being. Glynn T Tonsor, Kansas State University, Christopher Wolf, Michigan State University

Organized Are We Meeting New Demands? Professional Skills and Multidisciplinary Research Collaboration . Panelists: Elwin Smith, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada; Kurt Klein, University of Lethbridge; and Kevin Dhuyvetter, Kansas State University

In Pursuit of Safe Foods: Chinese Preferences for Soybean Attributes in Soymilk. Yue Zheng, Xianghong Li and Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Kansas State University.

Farmers Willingness to Grow Switchgrass as a Cellulosic Bioenergy Crop: A Stated Choice Approach. Jason E. Fewell, Jason Bergtold and Jeffery Williams, Kansas State University

Value-Added Calf Management Implicit Prices at Video Auctions. Lance Zimmerman, CattleFax (recent KSU graduate), Ted C. Schroeder, Kansas State University

Farmers’ Participation Decision and Adoption of Soil Management Practices in Vietnam and Thailand: A Multinomial Model Approach. Graciela Cristina Andrango and Timothy Dalton, Kansas State University

Asset Bubbles and Land Values. Bryan Schurle, Christine A. Wilson and Hugo Remaury, Kansas State University

Peer Beverage Consumption and Weight Gain in College Freshmen. Linda Diane Burbidge, North Dakota State University (recent KSU graduate), Hikaru Hanawa Peterson, Kansas State University

Organized Symposium Economics of Evolving Red Meat Export Market Access Requirements for Traceability of Livestock and Meat. Chair: Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University. Panel Members: Gary Brester, Montana State University; Kevin Dhuyvetter, Kansas State University; Dustin Pendell, Colorado State University; Ted Schroeder, Kansas State University; Glynn Tonsor, Kansas State University

Risk Analysis of Tillage and Crop Rotation Alternatives with Winter Wheat. Jeff Williams, Matthew Pachta, Jason Bergtold, Kraig Roozeboom and Richard Llewelyn, Kansas State University