Team Researches Chinese Beef Demand

A team of researchers has published an overview of Chinese beef demand, shifting consumer preferences, and the opportunities within future beef demand growth.

Agricultural economics graduate students Shonda Anderson, 2011 master’s graduate, Casey Bieroth, 2010 master’s graduate, and Grace Tucker, master’s student, collaborated with Ted Schroeder, professor of agricultural economics, to write, “Chinese Beef Consumption Trends: Implications for Future Trading Partners.”

The publication is available online at Anderson, Tucker and Schroeder were interviewed in April on Agriculture Today, the official radio program of K-State Research and Extension.

In 2010, the United States exported more than $4 billion worth of beef to its trading partners around the world. Export sales accounted for approximately 9 percent of total U.S. beef production. Developing, regaining and expanding access to global trading partners is crucial to expanding demand for U.S. beef. China represents an important U.S. trading partner for many reasons including population and income growth, shifting consumer preferences, and changing political and regulatory environments.


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