Grad Students Fewell, Parman Earn Poster Awards

Congratulations to Jason Fewell and Bryon Parman, both Ph.D. students in agricultural economics, for their exceptional posters on sustainable energy research.

The Kansas State University Center for Sustainable Energy held its Bioenergy Symposium Poster Presentations Apr. 27-28.

“We were very impressed with the level of research accomplishment achieved this past year,” wrote the center’s co-directors Mary Rezac and Ron Madl. “The outstanding quality of the posters and presentations given at the symposium made selection of the poster awards all the more challenging. Congratulations to the following students on presenting exceptional posters that most effectively demonstrated the progress of their sustainable energy research.”

$1000 Mohammed Hussain (Peter Pfromm, Chemical Engineering, advisor)
$750 Jason Fewell (Jason Bergtold, Agricultural Economics, advisor)
$750 Myles Ikenberry (Keith Hohn, Chemical Engineering, advisor)
$500 Bryon Parman (Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Agricultural Economics, advisor)
$500 Leslie Schulte (Mary Rezac, Chemical Engineering, advisor)

CSE acknowledges and appreciates funding from ConocoPhillips that make it possible to grant the CSE poster awards.


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