Congratulations to New Ag Econ/Ag Business Club Officers

Congratulations to the newly elected officers Ag Economics and Agribusiness Club for the 2011-12 school year.

President: Logan Hedlund, senior in agribusiness, Montezuma, KS

Vice President: Heather Gibson, junior in agribusiness, Copeland, KS

Secretary: Brock Burnick, sophomore in agricultural economics, Mulberry, KS

Treasurer: Shelby Hill, junior in agricultural economics, Satanta, KS

Membership Co-Chairs: Rena Berrett, junior in agribusiness, Manhattan, KS, and Mollie Roth, junior in agribusiness

Ag Council Repr.: Alisa Wendelburg, sophomore in agribusiness, Stafford, KS

Social Co-Chairs: Ashley Rector, freshman in agribusiness, Lawrence, KS, and Leanne Milleret, freshman in agricultural economics, Lawrence, KS


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