15 Ag Econ Students Selected as Ambassadors

From the AgLink e-newsletter, Spring 2011

Congratulations to the 15 students from the Department of Agricultural Economics who were selected to serve as 2011-12 College of Agriculture Ambassadors. Only 36 new ambassadors were selected to join the team, and we’re proud that our students make up nearly half the new additions to the group.

Ambassadors represent K-State Ag during prospective student visits and recruit students at events across the state and nation. They teach orientation classes for new freshmen and network with alumni and industry leaders. Ambassadors also assist with career fairs, scholarship fundraising and open house activities.

To become an Ambassador, students must complete a semester-long College of Agriculture Training (CAT) program, which exposes them to all majors and departments while building networks with peers and professionals. Students fill out an application and participate in a competitive interview process during Ambassador selection process.

Ambassadors From the Department of Agricultural Economics

  • Jamie Briscoe, junior in agribusiness, Lincoln, Kan.
  • Logan Britton, sophomore in agricultural economics and agricultural communications and journalism, Bartlett, Kan.
  • Brock Burnick, sophomore in agricultural economics and pre-law, Mulberry, Kan.
  • Jeff Cather, freshman in agribusiness, Anthony, Kan.
  • Heather Gibson, junior in agribusiness, Copeland, Kan.
  • Michelle Hill, sophomore in agricultural economics, Wichita, Kan.
  • Shelby Hill, junior in agricultural economics, Satanta, Kan.
  • Reagan Kays, freshman in agribusiness, Weir, Kan.
  • Garrett Lister, junior in agricultural economics, Marysville, Kan.
  • Leanne Milleret, freshman in agricultural economics, Lawrence, Kan.
  • Boone Ott, junior in agribusiness, Coffeyville, Kan.
  • Ashley Rector, freshman in agribusiness, Lawrence, Kan.
  • Bret Schneller, freshman in agribusiness, Overland Park, Kan.
  • Nate Spriggs, junior in agricultural economics, Manhattan, Kan.
  • Candace Weeda, junior in agricultural economics, Creston, Ia.

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