Commissions Fund Data System Upgrades

From the AgLink e-newsletter, Spring 2011

Data collection and handling systems at the K-MAR-105 Association and Kansas Farm Management Association are getting a major upgrade thanks to funding from three commodity commissions.

The Kansas Wheat Commission and the Kansas Soybean Commission are each providing three years of funding, and the Kansas Corn Commission is providing two years of funding to transition to the KFMA relationship-based database.

“The new system will allow the economists in the field to update client information and run reports without being connected to K-MAR,” said Koren Elder, KFMA director of systems and programming. “They will synchronize their data once they have a connection again.”

The first phase of the project is focused on replacing the whole farm analysis portion of the current system.  The next phase will be focused on replacing existing data entry systems.

Faculty Michael Langemeier, Bryan Schurle, and Kevin Herbel are working with Mark Dikeman and Elder to combine input from KFMA economists.

The KFMA program began serving Kansas farm families in 1931. The K-MAR-105 Association was organized in 1968 to manage KFMA data. The database has been computerized at KMAR since 1973.  KFMA includes 21 economists across the state working with 2,340 members and more than 3,100 farm families.


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