Former Student’s 150-year Family Farm Honored

TIM CARPENTER/THE CAPITAL-JOURNAL Gov. Sam Brownback on Mar. 15 welcomes Riley County farmer Terry Henry; his wife, Tammie; and grandson Peyton while paying tribute to farms that have existed for the 150 years of Kansas statehood.

Editor’s Note:  Dalton Henry, son of Terry and Tammie Henry, is a former agricultural economics student and former student body president at K-State.

By Tim Carpenter


Sam Brownback, the farm kid from Parker who became a national political figure, hailed Mar. 15 the dedication of a Riley County family working the same ground after 150 years.

The governor greeted at the Statehouse three generations of the Henry family, who are among three Kansas farm families celebrating the state’s sesquicentennial in a personal way.

“Here we stand 150 years later,” Brownback said, “through droughts and dust storms, floods and infestations, and even the fire of a civil war, the state of Kansas and these families have endured.”

Terry and Tammie Henry, with son Dalton and grandson Peyton, are tied to an 11,000-acre farming business combining corn, wheat and soybean production with a cow-calf operation.

“I’ve live there all my life,” Terry Henry said. “It’s a love of the lifestyle, love of what you’re doing.”

Read the full article on the Topeka Capitol-Journal’s website.


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