Undergraduate Students Enjoy Renovated Computer Studio

Agricultural economics undergraduate students take a break while doing homework in the newly renovated student computer studio in Waters 336.

From the AgLink e-newsletter, Spring 2011

Agricultural economics and agribusiness students started the spring semester with a new computer studio made possible by a gift from an anonymous donor.

The student computer studio received a complete makeover during the holiday break, including new carpet, fresh paint, colorful acoustic panels and large dry-erase whiteboards. Students can even plug in their laptops or portable USB drives to display their projects and presentations on the 60-inch professional flatscreen monitor at the front of the room.

“It’s amazing,” said Katelynn Wilms, senior in agribusiness. “It creates an excellent study environment.”

In addition to the cheerful colors through paint and acoustic panels, the computer studio features canvas gallery-style prints of Flint Hills scenes by photographers Dave Leiker of Emporia and Edward Sturr of Manhattan.

“We really like the pictures and the bright colors help motivate me to study even when it’s dreary outside,” Wilms said.

The student computer studio provides a welcoming space for studying, meetings and class projects. Students can access the departmental computer cloud wirelessly through their laptops or work on one of the desktop computer stations. They also can send projects to print on the room’s network printer.

A couch and two swiveling armchairs are popular hangouts for students taking a break to study or socialize between classes. In addition, modular tables make it simple to reorganize into classroom and roundtable settings.

“We really want to say thank you,” Wilms said, as the students seated next to her nodded in agreement. “This is awesome.”


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