Graduate Program Ranked Among Top 10

Craig Smith and Beth Yeager, both Ph.D. students in agricultural economics talk to David Lambert, department head. The department’s Ph.D. program is ranked among the nation’s best.

From the AgLink e-newsletter, Spring 2011

by David Lambert

Peers rank K-State’s Department of Agricultural Economics among the top 10 in the nation, according to a report by the National Research Council (NRC).

Compared to about 50 U.S. programs, K-State’s agricultural economics Ph.D. was ranked first in “student support and outcomes” based on factors such as Ph.D. graduate placement at academic institutions and time to graduation.

The NRC rankings are confirmed at, where K-State Agricultural Economics is listed fifth of 28 ranked schools.

A 2010 report (1) examines students’ success in publishing dissertation research in professional journals using 50 years of data from 41 Ph.D.-granting agricultural economics programs. In the latest years surveyed (2001-2005), K-State scored second in the percentage of dissertations successfully published in the peer-reviewed academic press, outperforming programs at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and Maryland.

In an Oregon State University survey of 50 top agricultural economists, K-State fared best in the areas of “Agribusiness, Marketing and Industrial Organization” (ranking third) and in “Farm Management, Finance and Production’ (ranking fourth).

Finally, in a study of graduate student productivity (2), the median journal article output of K-State graduates is similar to students graduating from Cornell and Wisconsin. The top 25 percent of students publish more than graduates from all other programs except for Maryland.

1. Boland, M.A. and J.M. Crespi. “From Farm Management to Agricultural and Applied Economics: The Expansion of a Professional Society as Seen through a Census of Its Dissertations from 1951 to 2005.” Applied Economics Perspectives and Policy 32, No. 3 (Autumn 2010): 456-471

2. Hilmer, Christina and Michael Hilmer. “On the Relationship between Student-Advisor Match and Early Career Research Productivity for Agriucltural and Resource Economis Ph.D.s.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89, No. 1 (February 2007):162-175.


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